School of Biblical Studies

Greetings!  I’m Dr. Gary V. Whetstone, President and Founder of the Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries and I welcome you to the School of Biblical Studies. We have developed a curriculum that is intense with the Word of God and that will bring forth the fullness of the revelation of Jesus Christ in your life.  You will find that the revelation of God’s Word is the foundation of all truth. These truths will bring you personal freedom; a great desire to study and understand His Word; and empower you to effectively minister to those around you.  You will experience an intimate and personal relationship with God as He reveals His Life in you. 

Whether you will be attending for the purpose of full-time ministry or to promote personal spiritual growth, the curricula will equip you to advance the Kingdom of God both in a lost and dying world and in the Body of Christ.

I pray that your cup will overflow with excitement as God unveils His secrets and prepares you to go out in the world and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for taking time to see how our School of Biblical Studies will transform your life FOREVER!!

GET STARTED TODAY! Look through the courses under the curriculum tab and take courses FREE OR FOR CREDIT on our SBS Main Campus or ONLINE Schools.

Pastor Chris Okwedy & Dr. Gary Whetstone talk
         during a recent Webinar.