Victory Dover Nursery

This ministry is dedicated to children 0-/4-5 years old. We believe that even infants and toddlers can experience Jesus. Our primary focus is to show the life of Jesus to these little ones.


The Nursery Ministry will accomplish its mission by:

-Being in intercessory prayer for all of the children
-Providing information, to the parents, on health, nutrition, development and milestones. This way the children will learn, from an early age, that their bodies truly are a temple for the Lord.
-Teaching activities that show the goodness and grace of God.
-Playing music that cultivates an atmosphere of praise and worship so that God’s glory may be honored always.
-Showing christian and faith based videos that present biblical lessons and scriptures in a child friendly and age appropriate manner.
-Allow time for and encourage free play, which will develop a child’s socialization, personal interaction and communication skills.