JesusExperience: Effective Course Use

Navigating an online JesusExperience course

If you want to view the video while you are moving in the text outline, you can pop out the lecture video into picture-in-picture mode.  This allows you to move the screen up and down to follow the text of the course while playing the video.

How to use picture-in-picture mode:

  1. Once you have started the video using the Play button, the player controls are visible:
  2. Tap/click the picture-in-picture button and the video window will pop out of the page.
  3. Now you may move up and down to follow the text outline of the video while the video remains on the screen.
    iPhone                                        Android


  4. You may also move the video player to different places on the screen for best viewing the text.
    On the computer, drag and drop the video to where you want it.
    On your phone or tablet, you may drag the video with your finger to were you want it displayed.

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